Kathryn Kelley

Kathryn Kelley has a B.A. from University of British Columbia in Near Eastern studies and M.Phil from Oxford University in Cuneiform Studies. She is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation, "Men, Women and children at work. Labor organisation at the dawn of urbanism (3200-2900 BC)". This research focuses on social organisation and inequality in early Mesopotamia. She also works on further decipherment of proto-cuneiform and proto-Elamite texts. Proto-Elamite is an especially poorly understood script from ancient Iran known from nearly 2,000 clay tablets. Kathryn practices archaeology and has worked at excavations across the United States and Middle East (Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey). As a member of an international collaborative project, the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, Kathryn makes images of cuneiform tablets in collections around the world and provides online tools for the study of the ancient Near East. She has delivered Bloomsbury Summer School lectures (UCL), taught Akkadian language (UNIQ summer school, Oxford University) and Sumerian literary texts (Oriental Institute, Oxford University), as well as teaching the OUDCE course "Early Mesopotamia".