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Paul Clarke CBE FREng

Ex-Chief Technology Officer, Ocado

In November 2020, Paul Clarke stepped down as Chief Technology Officer at Ocado, having led the sharp end of Ocado's innovation factory since early 2012.  

Paul is passionate about the recipes for successful invention, innovation and disruption, which in his experience are all about embracing non-linearity, mess, uncertainty, intersectional thinking, unconventionality, intuition and leaps of faith.
He believes building a successful innovation factory is all about the people, culture, creativity, leadership and vision rather than the underlying technologies, and he has spent much of his career being a piece of disruptive grit in a number of different oysters, trying to help people see what they can’t see and trying to inspire teams to do things they never dreamed possible.  

Paul's current focus is on enabling cyber-physical infrastructure at a national scale, woven from a blend of technologies such as data, AI, IoT, synthetic environments, digital twins and smart machines. He now sits on a number of government and industry advisory boards including the AI Council, Robotics Growth Partnership (co-chair), Innovation Expert Group, ISCF Future Flight, ISCF RAI Extreme Environments and the National Food Strategy, whilst at the same time advising a number of exciting start-ups.  

Paul read Physics at Oxford University before then entering the software industry. He has worked in software engineering, consultancy, interim management and a number of software start-ups. In what little spare time he has alongside his work and family, Paul loves to invent and build stuff, design PCBs, write software and generally tinker.