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Angelica Martinez Bauer

Dr Angélica Elizabeth Martínez Bauer completed her Ph.D. at Monash University, Australia. Her thesis focused on multiple species interactions involving ants, Acacia myrtifolia, herbivores, and pollinators, in an attempt to explain some of this intricate web of causes and effects. She is entranced by the complexity of relationships between living things, and aims to understand how everything is connected. Over the years, Angelica has collaborated in several research projects at University of Oxford. One project focused on the effect of early season herbivores on Oak fitness and on subsequent herbivore community structure; a second project was related to the interaction between the environment and flower constancy in bumble bees while the third had to do with palms and their interacting invertebrates (mainly herbivores and pollinators) in a fragmented rainforest landscape. She currently holds an Independent Postdoctoral Fellowship at ECOSUR, Chiapas, Mexico. Angelica is identifying native pollinators (with emphasis on bees) of Sechium sp. and Physalis ixocarpa, two widely cultivated Mexican crops. One aim is to implement simple, yet effective, techniques of helping native Bombus ephippiatus populations (increasing foraging and nesting resources), thereby positively impacting crop yields.