Identifying subject areas about which to write

2.5 If music be the food of life, play on

Young woman sitting and listening to a gramophone outside a tent.
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To continue illustrating the notion that each person’s life is specific, here is a link to BBC Radio 4’s programme Desert Island Discs. The programme has been on air since 1942. Guests imagine they are stranded on an island where they have eight recordings, the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare and one luxury item. The recordings are usually music, but they can be whatever the guest wishes. At the end of the programme, the guest must choose one of the eight recordings they would wish to save above all others.

Individual activity: If music be the food of life

Select one programme (more if you wish) from the archives and listen to it, then decide on three recordings you would wish to take on this imaginary island and write a total of 250 words (not 250 words on each) about why you have chosen them. Post this to the If music be the food of life forum.