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Our online courses extend the rigorous and engaging study for which the University is famous to students anywhere in the world.

Courses are structured as weekly online meetings; interaction with the course tutor and other students takes place in a virtual learning environment. The courses are designed to fit around your schedule; you access the course whenever it is convenient for you.

Choose from over 90 courses across a range of disciplines. Most are short courses of 5-10 weeks in duration. A few longer courses result in Oxford qualifications at the undergraduate, advanced diploma and postgraduate levels. Some courses are designed to help you acquire and update essential skills for your professional development.

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Your online course credit can be used for an Oxford Award.
Credit earned from our online short courses is transferable towards our award programme, the Certificate of Higher Education.

The Certificate of Higher Education is a part-time course, lasting between two and four years - depending on how intensively you wish to study. Students choose a main subject discipline in which they do most of their classes, but they combine this with study in other academic subjects. The course enables students to use the credit that they obtain from taking weekly classes, short online courses, practical weekends and attendance at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults to count towards gaining the award. Learn more on the course description page: http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/Y000-2

Online Highlights

International Labour Migration: Economics, Politics and Ethics
This global course analyses one of the most controversial public policy issues of the 21st century: how to regulate international labour migration and the rights of migrant workers.

Western Architecture: The Modern Era
Beginning with the vital structural innovations of the late Victorian era, this course traces the rise and spread of Modernism in European and American architecture - and concludes by examining contemporary architecture and future possibilities.

Introduction to World Religions
What do we mean by 'world religions' and why might this title be controversial? How should we approach the study of the spiritual paths, key beliefs and practices of the main religious traditions? This course will give you the tools to study world religions in a balanced and sensitive way.

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