How our online short courses work

Our short ‘online - flexible’ courses are taught fully online and run asynchronously – they have no live-time meetings – so you do not have to be online at any specific time to take the course.  Teaching takes place in a virtual learning environment, with students and tutors interacting in online text-based forums.

As we have students studying from around the world, the courses are designed to fit around your lifestyle from wherever you may be studying, and you can access the course whenever it is convenient for you. All discussions take place via text-based online forums. The forums are not live and students can add their comments/questions at any time.

The courses are structured as 5, 10 or 20 one-week units with directed readings and guided, text-based discussions, and students should aim to be online a few times during each week. We recommend an average of ten hours study per week for online interaction via the text-based forums and reading the set texts.

No physical attendance is required for our short online courses. All study, communication and assessment submission is undertaken through the course site.

We strongly recommend that you contribute to the online conversations (at times that are convenient to you) as the forums are an integral and very rewarding part of the course and the online learning experience.

See a short course demonstration to get a feel for the online learning environment.

The courses are open access and you can enrol online by clicking on the ‘Book now’ button on each course page.

Upcoming courses

Online - flexible • Short courses • Professional development
  • Mon 06 Dec 2021 – 06 Feb 2022
Online - flexible • Professional development
  • Wed 05 Jan 2022 – 09 Feb 2022
  • 5 meetings
Online - flexible • Short courses
  • Mon 10 Jan 2022 – 25 Mar 2022
Online - flexible • Short courses
  • Mon 10 Jan 2022 – 25 Mar 2022
Online - flexible • Short courses
  • Mon 10 Jan 2022 – 25 Mar 2022