Linda Beyer

DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development


Migration and Resilience in Risk Affected Urban Refugee Populations in the Horn of Africa

Research abstract

This will explore the dimensions of resilience for vulnerable urban refugee populations in the Horn of Africa. This research addresses critical gaps and emerging evidence on the vulnerabilities, risk dimensions, coping and resilience of refugee populations in urban and peri-urban contexts.

Measuring resilience for the focus of this analysis will involve a multi-dimensional, and context-specific approach to ensure the breadth as well as complexity is considered, at individual, household and community levels as well as the wider environment.


Dr. Johanna Waters


Linda has designed and led innovations reaching vulnerable urban inner city populations in Canada.  Working with UNICEF for the past 11 years in Eastern Africa and Kenya, has involved leading urban programme efforts accelerating sector, country and regional responses including the Safer Cities Joint UN initiative. 

Graduate studies (MSc) in International Planning and Development through the University of Guelph focused on research throught the World Bank Pro-Poor efforts focused on a Health Equity Analysis of Nutrition, Health and Population Efforts in Malawi.


Beyer, L. and J. Chaudhuri.  (2014, September). Kenya’s Focus on Urban Vulnerability and Indicators for Early Warning and Intervention Supporting the Urban Transition.  Presented at International Conference on Towards Resilient Urban Communities by Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Zimbabwe and UNICEF Zimbabwe.  September 16th to 19th, 2014.

M. R. Montgomery and L. Beyer. (2014, January).  Localizing Post-2015 Goals, Targets, and Indicators:  Reflections and Technical Analysis.  Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments for Post 2015 Development Agenda towards HABITAT III (for resilient cities post 2015 OWG 7)

Beyer, L, V. Wambani and K Kyalo.  (2013, September). Time to Think Urban…Kenya.  Emergency Nutrition Network.  Issue 46:  Special focus on Urban Food Security & Nutrition.

Papers and lectures

Urban Situational Analysis for Children, Adolescents and Women – Governement of Kenya and UNICEF (2014).

Urban Nutrition Strategy. Ministry of Health, UNICEF, Concern Worldwide, WFP and APHRC (2012 to 2017).

Research interests

Urban Sustainable Development, Migration, Resilience, Refugee