Lecture series

Weekly lectures with Q&A

Structured as a series of 4, 6 or 8 lectures on a given topic, our lecture series offer a comprehensive introduction to your chosen subject.

All lecture series may be attended online; some of them may also be attended in person. They are offered in the following two formats:

  • Online - live: a blend of pre-recorded lectures and live Q&A sessions, held entirely online.

  • Hybrid teaching: these are live lectures you can attend either at Rewley House in Oxford, or online.

No coursework is required for either format.

View all lecture series or browse by format below. 

'Online - live' lecture series

Our 'online - live' lecture series are a blend of pre-recorded lectures and live Q&A sessions, held entirely online. Series are formed of either 8 pre-recorded lectures with 2 live Q&A sessions, or 4 pre-recorded lectures with 1 live Q&A session.

'Hybrid teaching' lecture series

Our 'hybrid teaching' lecture series consist of lectures and panel discussions live-streamed from Rewley House in Oxford. You can join us in person or online. Each of these series is formed of 6 lectures.