Postgraduate award courses

The Department offers a range of part-time postgraduate study options in an array of subject areas.

Certificates, Diplomas, master's degrees (MSt and MSc)  and DPhil programmes are a great way to further your study, progress in your career or learn for personal enrichment.

Programme formats and delivery vary but most are taught as a blend of short residencies in Oxford and online components.

Postgraduate certificates

Postgraduate certificates are taught at the same level as master's degrees and are ideal for those who wish to advance their knowledge and career prospects.

Postgraduate diplomas

Taught at the same level as master's degrees, postgraduate diplomas usually take longer to complete than postgraduate certificates.

Master of Studies programmes

The Department offers eight part-time Master of Studies (MSt) programmes as well as one full-time course.

Master of Science programmes

The Department offers 11 part-time Master of Science (MSc) programmes

DPhil programmes

Part-time doctorates with the Department for Continuing Education.

Graduate school

Information for graduate students at the Department for Continuing Education.