Medical and health sciences


Postgraduate part-time courses and training in medicine and health

Over 90 part-time courses and training programmes in medical and health sciences, delivered through specialist departments of the University’s Medical Sciences Division.  They are designed for clinicians, researchers, scientists, managers and educators working in health care provision, health administration, research organisations, pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory and government bodies.

  • Part-time postgraduate qualifications - study while working
  • Short training courses for professionals and online courses
  • Insights into the latest advances in knowledge, skills and techniques
  • Career-enhancing opportunities

"It was really important to me to find a course which was flexible. I can take a week off from my clinical work, come to Oxford and spend the week studying, and the rest of the course is online. I feel very supported by the forums and I can stay in touch with my colleagues but at the same time I haven’t had to put my clinical career or the rest of my life on hold to be able to do a Master’s."

Kristina, MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care (based in Canada)

Upcoming courses

Biological Therapeutics

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 05 Nov 2018 to 09 Nov 2018

Hypersomnias and Parasomnias (Online)

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 12 Nov 2018 to 23 Dec 2018

Human and Veterinary Vaccinology

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 19 Nov 2018 to 23 Nov 2018

Introduction to Sleep Medicine and Methodological Approaches (Online)

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 10 Dec 2018 to 10 Feb 2019

The Fundamental Science of Nanotechnology

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 07 Jan 2019 to 17 Mar 2019