Literature Research

Literature research in the Department for Continuing Education 

Research in the Department currently focusses on:

  • Irish and American literature and culture
  • Jane Austen
  • Language and form in prose narrative
  • Modernist literature
  • Poetry and form
  • Twentieth- and twenty-first century poetry 

Research highlights, past and present:

Jenny Diski: A Celebration

Jenny Diski's work will help to place her where she belongs: as one of the most important writers of our time.

The Modern Irish Sonnet: Revision and Rebellion

Examining the idea of the Irish sonnet in twentieth and twenty-first century poetry.

Poetry and class

Issues of birth, rank, and class in relation to the production, publication, and reception of poetry from the middle ages to the present.

Poetry and Structure

A Public Engagement with Research project exploring poetic form.

Rothermere American Institute

Dr. Stubbs is currently serving as Academic Programme Director for the Rothermere American Institute, Oxford.

Jane Austen’s possessions and dispossessions

An understanding of the contemporary significance of material objects is vital to an understanding of Jane Austen’s fiction.

The poetry of Ted Hughes

The poetry of the late Ted Hughes is among the most influential and important of the twentieth century.

Lexical fields in fiction

Lexical fields in fiction 1750 to 1818

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