Tutor information

Ruchi Bhatia

A Computer Engineering graduate and currently only the 6th Grandmaster in the Datasets tier on Kaggle, Ruchi started her Kaggle journey in the month of May this year and it has been one of her quickest feats. She will be pursuing her Master's degree in Information Systems Management at Carnegie Mellon University from next fall.

Having started coding at an early age and also having completed her Bachelor’s, her interest in this field has only grown with time. She gravitates more towards Data Science and Data Analysis. Working in the technology sector of various MNCs like Sony and Colgate-Palmolive has given her relevant experience in the industry. As businesses today are becoming more inextricably linked with information technology, she strives to utilize her expertise to bridge the gap between technology and business.

Her key interest lies solely in sharing her technical expertise with people. She thoroughly enjoys tackling problems pertaining to technology and coming up with novel ideas. She also believes in Kata - the Japanese ideology of thinking before acting which enables her to be able to focus on not only continuous improvement, but also innovation.