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Ruchi Bhatia

Ruchi Bhatia is a Computer Engineer with a Master's degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, she is leveraging her skills as a Product Marketing Manager in the rapidly evolving field of Data Science and AI at HP.

She takes pride in being the youngest triple Kaggle Grandmaster across the Notebooks, Datasets, and Discussion categories. Her previous role as the Leader of Data Science at OpenMined allowed her to refine her leadership skills while guiding a team of data scientists to create groundbreaking solutions. Furthermore, as one of the 21 Data Science Global Ambassadors for Z by HP, she had the opportunity to share her knowledge and insights with the broader data science community.

Ruchi's passion for coding started at a young age and has only grown over time, particularly in the areas of Data Science and Data Analysis. Her experience working in the technology divisions of multinational corporations such as Sony and Colgate-Palmolive has provided her with invaluable industry insights. As the integration of businesses and information technology continues to grow, she is committed to leveraging her expertise to bridge the gap between technology and business effectively.