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Peeyush Kumar

Peeyush Kumar is a senior research scientist at Microsoft Research. He is an accomplished systems and AI researcher with a focus on two key areas: a) building AI-supported social technologies for equitable and resilient communities, and b) utilizing large AI models to bridge people, processes, and technology in industrial systems, particularly food and energy. His core research expertise spans large language models (LLMs), reinforcement learning (RL), community psychology, community economics, cultural liberation, operations research (OR), and stochastic processes. By combining traditional and modern knowledge, he aims to develop social technologies that promote harmony, prosperity, and equity.

His research philosophy emphasizes the integration of people, processes, and technology in a regenerative and reproducible manner, driven by a passion for creating a better world with resilient and equitable communities and economies. Before joining Microsoft in 2019, He co-founded healthcare technology company Cohort Intelligence (now Engooden Health), where he served as CTO and managed the development of a chronic care management product. Additionally, He have explored psychological and cultural aspects of healthy family systems, resilient relationships and communities, and regenerative and circular economies.