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Shobhana Nagraj

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Shobi completed a degree in medical anthropology before training as a surgeon, specialising in paediatric surgery.  After working for a few months in Malawi, she experienced first-hand the importance of the social determinants of health, and the need for robust health systems. Shobi returned to the UK to re-train as an academic primary care physician, conducting health services research at the University of Cambridge, where she completed her MPhil in Primary Care Research Methods. 

During Shobi's time as a clinician and medical educator, she has worked closely with rural communities and community healthcare workers in low resource-settings in India and Malawi, and is passionate about providing high quality, evidence-based care to rural populations.  

Shobi is currently pursuing her DPhil, involving the use of technology in low resource settings, at Oxford University. Her research interests include global maternal child health, innovative technology, community health workers, and medical education.