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Shobhana Nagraj

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Dr Shobhana (Shobi) Nagraj is a Clinical Researcher, with a professional background in paediatric surgery and primary care, and a research background in Health Services Research and Implementation Science.

During her time as a clinician and medical educator, Shobi has worked closely with rural communities and Community Health Care Workers in low-resource settings globally.  She is passionate about delivering high-quality, universal health services to women and children, that meet the needs of the communities and end-users.  Shobi’s research focuses on the use of theory in the design, development and implementation of complex interventions (including mobile technologies) to support the interprofessional education and training of the healthcare workforce in low-resource settings. 

Shobi co-leads the Oxford University Global Surgery Course and is part of the NIHR Global Health Community of Practice on Community Engagement & Involvement.