Part-time qualifications in archaeology

Undergraduate and graduate programmes for adult learners

Enrich and extend your knowledge with a part-time Oxford University course

Archaeology is one of the Department's most comprehensively taught subjects, offering students the chance for progression from an undergraduate award to a graduate degree programme. 

The Department has provided part-time qualifications in archaeology for over forty years. Many students become archaeologists; others take their new skills and knowledge into their existing working lives, such as teaching or tourism. Many enjoy simply studying archaeology for its own rewards.

Looking for a short course? As well as our part-time university qualifications, we also offer a wide range of short archaeology courses – including flexible online courses, day schools, lecture series and weekly classes – both in Oxford and online. Browse all archaeology classes.

Undergraduate archaeology courses

Certificate of Higher Education

Credit earned from our short online courses, weekly classes and the Oxford University Summer School of Adults is transferable towards our Certificate of Higher Education - a part-time undergraduate course in which you study a main subject discipline but also undertake study in other academic subjects.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology

If you want to learn more about archaeology and to acquire some practical skills in an enjoyable way, then the Certificate in Archaeology is an excellent introduction. This two-year, part-time undergraduate course is designed for adult students with little or no previous experience of academic archaeology. This includes those who are new to archaeology and those who may have some practical experience, and/or have completed online or evening classes.

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Undergraduate Diploma in British Archaeology

The two-year part-time Diploma in British Archaeology provides a comprehensive introduction to British archaeology within the context of different chronological periods. You will increase your understanding of the skills and techniques needed to recover, process and evaluate archaeological evidence for the particular periods under investigation. 

This course is ideal for those who have some academic and practical experience of archaeology, or those who completed our Certificate in Archaeology or Certificate of Higher Education.

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Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in British Archaeology

Extend your knowledge of British archaeology with this one-year, part-time Advanced Diploma in British Archaeology. The course aims to give you a grounding in British archaeology within the context of the particular period under investigation. You will further your understanding of the skills and techniques needed to recover, process and evaluate archaeological evidence. 

This course is the next step if you have completed, or are due to complete, our Diploma in British Archaeology or other similar courses at second-year undergraduate level (FHEQ Level 5).

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Postgraduate archaeology courses

MSc in Applied Landscape Archaeology

The MSc is a part-time modular course studied over two years. With a strong (but not exclusive) emphasis on the archaeology of Britain, the course focuses on the applications of research methods in varying landscape situations. 

The course is intended for those with a personal or professional interest in landscape archaeology, who wish to study the subject in a supportive, friendly and stimulating academic environment which is dedicated to the needs of part-time students. 

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DPhil in Archaeology

The part-time DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy, equivalent to a PhD) is normally studied over six years (twice the full-time length) and supervision is arranged to suit the DPhil topic. Successful applicants will have a proven track record in archaeological study, normally to masters level.

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