Courses in creative writing

Part-time study in creative writing

Develop your creativity with a flexible Oxford University course. Need an extra push to finish your novel, poem or play? Completely new to the world of creative writing? Want to improve your analytical reading skills? No matter where you are in your writing journey, there is a part-time course to suit you.

Short online courses

Our short online courses in creative writing take place in a virtual learning environment so you can study whenever it suits you, from anywhere in the world. Class sizes are kept small to maximise interaction between you and your classmates and tutor in the online forums.

Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education

Credit earned from our short online courses is transferable towards our Certificate of Higher Education - a part-time undergraduate course in which you study a main subject discipline but also undertake study in other academic subjects. The credits you obtain from taking weekly classes, short online courses, linked day schools, practical weekends and attendance at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults all count towards your final award.

> Find out more about the Certificate of Higher Education.

Student spotlights

Tessa Fenley

The confidence Tessa gained from our Writing Fiction online course helped her to refine her novel and enter her first flash fiction competition.

Tahmina Maula

Tahmina worked as a senior manager in education before taking a career break to undertake the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

Samir Guglani

Samir was attracted to the MSt in Creative Writing as he wanted to pursue his writing in a peer group environment.

Upcoming courses

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