Ecological survey techniques


Part-time postgraduate online courses in ecological survey techniques

A flexible programme of part-time, tutored, online modules that can build towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques.  You can also take courses separately and use the academic credit elsewhere, or simply for professional training in field survey techniques.

  • Study online while working
  • Tutored in small groups
  • Field techniques for studying vegetation, mammals and reptiles, invertebrates, birds, and fish and amphibians
  • Data Analysis: Statistics for Ecologists and Field Biologists - offered as an intensive 5-week course, or a less intense 10-week course
  • Can help with applying for Chartered Status (see our Chartered Status and Essential Skills guide)

Upcoming courses

Field Techniques for Surveying Mammals and Reptiles

  • Professional development
  • Wed 08 Jan 2020 to 12 Feb 2020

Field Techniques for Surveying Birds

  • Professional development
  • Wed 12 Feb 2020 to 18 Mar 2020

Data Analysis in Ecology: Statistics for Ecologists & Field Biologists (10-week)

  • Professional development
  • Wed 19 Feb 2020 to 29 Apr 2020

Field Techniques for Surveying Fish and Amphibians

  • Professional development
  • Wed 18 Mar 2020 to 22 Apr 2020

Field Techniques for Surveying Invertebrates

  • Professional development
  • Wed 29 Apr 2020 to 03 Jun 2020