EST student spotlights

Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques 

The course (taught part-time, normally over one year) is designed for a wide range of professionals needing to up-skill in: Environmental management; Environmental assessment; Biodiversity monitoring.

Many PGCert in Ecological Survey Techniques students are consultants, environmental managers and educators as well as volunteers and those looking to make a career change that are seeking flexible study combined with expert training.

Find out more about what our students have to say about the PGCert in Ecological Survey Techniques using the links below.

Dominic Barringer

Online learning helped support Dominic's career move into environmental managament

Kennis Ng

Kennis Ng, a professional aborist, developed her surveying skills with the PGCert in Ecological Survey Techniques.

Roger Tang

Roger was working as a Sustainability Analyst and wanted to pursue a PhD but felt he needed to improve in aspects of data collection first.

Katie Breach

A desire to develop her career as an Ecological Consultant led Katie Breach to success in the Postgraduate Certificate

Nigel Robins

After completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques, Nigel applied the skills he gained to professional projects,

Karolina Petrovic

After her PhD, Karolina boosted her practical skills, know-how & employability prospects with the PGCert in Ecological Survey Techniques.

Harriet Bennett

Harriet was taking a break from her career when she enrolled on our part-time Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Surveying Techniques to help bring her back up to speed with the latest techniques in ecological surveying.