Fees and funding


Fee rates

The fee rates listed are for the 2018/19 academic year and you should expect these to increase annually.

You will be required to pay a minimum of two annual award fees, and a further annual award fee for every additional academic year (or part-year) that you attend the course, and to pay module or dissertation fees as they become due. Fees must be paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions (see below) for this programme. All amounts are in pounds sterling.

Fee rates for the academic year 2018/19

Annual award fee:

  • £1,480 for Home/EU students
  • £6,085 for Overseas students (see note 1)

Module fee: £1,850 (per taught module)
Dissertation fee: £5,550 (equivalent to 3 module fees)

Illustration for MSc programme (assumes completion within two years)


  • 2 x annual award fee = £2,960
  • 6 x module fee (6 taught modules) = £11,100
  • 1 x dissertation fee = £5,550
  • Total: £19,610


  • 2 x annual award fee = £12,170
  • 6 x module fee (6 taught modules) = £11,100
  • 1 x dissertation fee = £5,550
  • Total: £28,820

Each of the modules can be taken as a stand-alone course

  • Stand-alone module fee: £2,240


1. The fee rates listed are for the academic year shown, and you should be aware that these rates will increase annually, so students should expect the total to be higher than is shown in the Illustration. The exact amount will depend on the fee rates set annually, and upon the years you are in attendance; these are normally published well before the start of each academic year, but for your own budgetary purposes you may wish to estimate a 5% annual increase on fee rates.

2. See the Oxford University website for Home/EU and Overseas classification of students for fees purposes.

3. MSc students are matriculated and are full members of the Collegiate University; college fees are included within the MSc programme fees and are paid to the colleges on a student’s behalf

Payment methods PDF document


Potential sources of funding PDF document

Details of funding opportunities, including grants, bursaries, loans, scholarships and benefit information are available on our financial assistance page.

Judith Hockaday Travel Bursaries: Students attending postgraduate medical courses who are normally resident in less developed countries may be eligible for a bursary to help with travel to and from Oxford.