Friends of lifelong learning

*We are currently closed for membership applications.*

Lifelong learning

We believe in the transformative effect of lifelong learning and the Friends of Lifelong Learning play a key role in supporting this at Oxford.

Lifelong learning at the University is funded primarily by course fees and donations so the support of the Friends helps to provide library resources, student bursaries and maintain facilities. 

Aims of the Friends

  • To provide financial support to students who would otherwise be unable to participate.
  • To support academic activities, such as lecture series, events and the development of new courses.
  • To offer input on future directions for lifelong learning at the University, including course development.

Our mission

For more than 140 years the University of Oxford has been providing adult learners with the opportunity to study. The mission of the Department for Continuing Education is to give more people access to Oxford learning by the provision of part-time and other flexible modes of education.

We are committed to extending the benefits of Oxford's research and scholarship beyond the full-time student body and provide a stimulating environment to nurture the life of the mind, by providing tutors and teaching resources dedicated to the needs of adult learners.