Hardship support

Support when unexpected financial hardship arises


Although you are expected to have secured the funds needed to cover your fees and living costs before you start your course, we understand that financial hardship can arise unexpectedly after the course has started. We have several schemes to support you in these circumstances.

Hardship funding is only available if you are currently enrolled on a course leading to an Oxford qualification, and normally it will not be given to help pay for course fees.

There are several schemes, and you should check or ask us which might be appropriate for you:

University and college hardship funding

For students on a course leading to an Oxford qualification. Some funding is only for matriculated students (members of an Oxford college), so please check your eligibility.

Department for Continuing Education Hardship Fund

This fund may assist you if you experience unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances that could not have been predicted at the start of your course.

Grounds for an award might include meeting travel costs, and purchasing essential books or other items to enable you to participate fully in your course. Full details and guidance are in the application form (see How to apply below).

Key points

  • You must be studying at the Department for an undergraduate or a postgraduate qualification.
  • You must be a non-matriculated student. If you are matriculated, i.e. a member of an Oxford college, see University and college hardship funding instead.
  • You will need to demonstrate how your financial situation has changed, why this could not have been predicted,
  • The maximum grant is £250 in an academic year.
  • Awards are not normally made to help with course fees—see Departmental bursaries instead.
  • Applications can only be considered for the current academic year.

How to apply

  • Download the PDF or Word application form
  • Complete the form and draft your supporting statement.
  • Send (email) these together with a copy of any supporting evidence to the Student Support Administrator.

Continuing Education Hardship Fund grant application (PDF)

Continuing Education Hardship Fund grant application (Word)

How to support students experiencing hardship

You can support our students by making a donation—see Support the department.

The Departmental Hardship Fund was established through the generosity of past and present students, public donors, and departmental staff, and through charitable fundraising activities.