High-speed digital, analogue and EMC engineering


Short courses in digital and analogue engineering and EMC-related fields

Courses in high-speed digital, analogue and EMC engineering, providing essential training and updating for electronics engineers, technicians, system architects, signal integrity specialists, PCB designers etc.  

  • Taught by leading industry experts and researchers
  • Highly practical, with immediate real-world product design applicability
  • Networking opportunities and on-site accommodation in the historic university city of Oxford
  • Look out for our discount packages for certain course combinations

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"Has turned upside-down my understanding of EMC design. As the EMC design/test focal point in the company PCB engineering will be changing for the better."
Graham Blissett, Senior EMC Engineer, AWE Plc

Upcoming courses

Mastering High Speed Serial I/O Technology

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Thu 06 Jun 2019 to 07 Jun 2019
  • 9:00am-5:00pm

Resetting Your Signal Integrity Knowledge

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Tue 11 Jun 2019 to 12 Jun 2019

Making Successful Power Distribution Designs

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Thu 13 Jun 2019 to 14 Jun 2019

EMC and ESD Lab Techniques for Designers

  • Short courses, Professional development

High Frequency Measurements

  • Short courses, Professional development