Late submission policy (extensions for coursework assignments)


The University policy and process on late submission is outlined on the Problems completing your assessment page. 

The Department for Continuing Education handles all extension requests for its students in place of the Proctors.  We adhere to the same policy and process, but please note the following:

  • Applications for extensions must be made via Moodle and instructions are available from the Online Support Site page. For courses which do not use Moodle, requests are made via email or, in some circumstances, a form - contact your Course Administrator.  
  • You should not approach teaching staff to request an extension. Any queries should be sent to your Course Administrator.
  • Requests will be acknowledged, and in most cases a decision will be made, within 2 working days. If you submit your request 5 or more days before the deadline, you can expect to receive a decision before the deadline. If you submit your request after this, you may not receive a decision until after the deadline. You should continue to work towards the original deadline until notified otherwise, however, if you decide to submit your assignment before you have received a decision, and you submitted your extension request before the deadline, and the request is approved, you will have one opportunity to re-submit your assignment before the new deadline.
  • For students submitting assignments in Moodle, please remember that it is a two-step process, and work uploaded but left in ‘draft’ status is not counted as submitted (your assignment will be deemed to be late if it is still in ‘draft’ after the deadline passes).

Before submitting your extension request:

  • You should read the Problems completing your assessment page in full, including the Student Guidance document available on that page.  
  • Check whether your situation is considered valid grounds. Extensions are only approved for acute circumstances, which means illness or other urgent cause that is unforeseeable, unavoidable and/or insurmountable.  The Student Guidance document contains a list of reasons that are not considered valid circumstances, including difficulties experienced in submitting work electronically, such as failure of hardware, failure of internet connection, etc. Additionally, extensions cannot not be used to compensate for a lack of reasonable planning or other foreseeable demands on your time, or as an opportunity to take extra time to improve work. Remember to build in some contingency time to allow for any last-minute problems.
  • Check the timeframes. Extensions can be applied for up to 4 weeks before a deadline. Wherever possible you should submit an extension request in good time before a deadline.
  • Review the evidence requirements.  To check whether evidence is required and what forms of evidence are acceptable, please review the Student Guidance document on the Problems completing your assessment page.  Evidence can be emailed to your Course Administrator.
  • If you feel that you require lengthy extensions or other adjustments due to a disability, chronic ill health or complex personal circumstances, it is likely that there are other University processes better placed to help you. In the first instance you should discuss your circumstances with your college (if matriculated) or with your Course Administrator (if not matriculated).

Penalties for late coursework

Where an extension is not granted or work is submitted late without a request being made, marks will be deducted as follows:

  • Up to 24 hours late, loss of 5% of the mark awarded
  • Over 24 hours late and up to 7 days late, loss of 10% of the mark awarded
  • Over 7 days late and up to 14 days late, loss of 20% of the mark awarded
  • After 14 days, the assignment will not be accepted for marking and you will be recorded as having failed that item of assessment.

For assignments which are assessed as pass/fail only, mark deductions will not be applied. Where such work is submitted late without permission, you will be given an alternative penalty, which may include failing the assignment.

The detailed impact of a penalty will vary according to the requirements for a pass in your course.  Please review your examination conventions for full detail (these can be found in your course handbook).


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your extension request, you may appeal to Education Committee within 14 days of receiving the outcome.  Information on how to appeal is available on the Appeals webpage under the heading 'Appeals to Education Committee against decisions made by the Proctors or Registrar (or their delegates)’.