Late submission policy

Approved by Academic Board June 2018, for MT 2018

This document sets out the Department’s policy for students who are unable for good reason to submit work by the deadline. The policy aims to be clear, consistent, and equitable, and to permit a timely resolution. The policy is closely aligned to the principles applied by the Proctors to students elsewhere in the University. It applies to all the Department’s students and to all assessed work, including face to face presentations and recordings, excepting only dissertations submitted by Master’s level students. (Students needing permission to submit late in respect of a dissertation must apply to the Proctors via their college in advance of the deadline.)


1. Late Submission

The default position is that deadlines must be adhered to.

Students may apply for permission to submit late in circumstances where reasonable plans to study and to write an item of assessment have been affected such that they will not have an equitable amount of time to complete this before the deadline. Permission to submit late will not be granted where a student simply seeks more time to finalise their work.

The Proctors have delegated to the Department the authority to grant permission to submit late where valid reason can be shown.

2. Applying for permission to submit late

i. Timing

Students may request permission to submit late up to three weeks before the deadline. A response before the deadline will only be guaranteed if the request is made at least five days before the deadline. Until a response has been received, the student should presume permission to submit late without a penalty will not be granted and hence that late submission will incur a marks penalty.

Once the submission deadline has passed, permission to submit late can only be requested with the submission or within seven days of the submission. Where no submission is made within fourteen days of the deadline the assessment will be recorded as a fail.

ii. Process

Applications must be made via MASS. For detail see:

For certain courses which do not use MASS, requests must be made via a Permission to Submit Late application form, available from the relevant Course Administrator.

Students are required to explain the circumstances that gave rise to the request and how these circumstances impacted on their ability to submit the work on time.

Supporting evidence will be required

  1. From a doctor, if illness lasting more than seven days is the reason for the request, or
  2. From an employer, if changes in working circumstances are the reason for the request and the request is to submit the work more than seven days after the deadline.

Where an unforeseen event has a very material impact, students may be better served by requesting to suspend from the course.

3. Impact on study plans

Students requesting permission to submit late for a number of assignments should be aware that the cumulative effect may make their workload difficult to manage and impact on their ability to follow the course timetable as it has been designed. This may lead to them failing the course. Students with circumstances putting them in this situation are strongly advised to discuss with their Course Director whether they should request a suspension. Failure to meet deadlines may also lead to referral under the Department’s Academic Performance Policy. See

4. Late Submission Fee

Work submitted late without permission may be subject to a late submission fee. The current fee can be found on the University website at:

5. Mark deductions

Where a request to submit late is not granted or work is submitted late without a request being made, marks will be deducted as follows:

  1. Up to 24 hours late, loss of 5% of the mark awarded;
  2. Between 1 and 7 days late, loss of 10% of the mark awarded;
  3. Between 8 and 14 days late, loss of 20% of the mark awarded

After 14 days the work will not be accepted for marking and the student will be recorded as having failed that item of assessment.

For work which is assessed as pass/fail only, mark deductions will not be applied. Where such work is submitted late without permission, the Chairman of the Board of Studies will make a decision on the appropriate penalty, which may include failing the work.

6. Impact of mark deductions on overall award

If the mark after application of the late submission penalty is below the pass mark, the work will be failed. Depending on the requirements for the course, the student may have the opportunity to resubmit the work, but the mark for resubmission will be capped at the pass mark.

The detailed impact will vary according to the requirements for a pass in a course and is explained in the examination conventions for each course.

7. Impact of failure to submit work within 14 days

Failure to submit work within fourteen days of the deadline will lead to the assessment being recorded as a fail. The student will be required to resubmit, generally under a fresh title. Marks for resubmitted work following non submission are capped at a pass.

8. Appeal

Students have a right of appeal to the Proctors via the Director of the Department or, for matriculated students, their college, in respect of mark penalties or decisions made arising from failure to submit work. Appeals must be made within fourteen days of the decision.