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Short online courses in the History of Art

You can access our online courses from anywhere in the world. Our full range of courses in the History of Art and Architecture are available to browse below. Each online course is structured through weekly online meetings, which take place within a virtual learning environment where you will interact with the course tutor and other students. Courses run for 10 weeks, and are designed to fit around your schedule. 

Learning to Look at Modern Art (Online)

This course will seek to provide guidelines about how to look at modern art in an open-minded, critical and analytical way.

Learning to Look at the Visual Arts (Online)

This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to study and analyse paintings, drawings and prints, and learn the 'language of looking'.

The Impressionists: Painting Modern Life (Online)

Examine the major concerns of artists such as Cézanne, Monet, Manet and Degas and their intimate interaction with modern life.

Italian Renaissance Art c.1400-c.1500 (Online)

From Bellini and Botticelli to tapestry and tableware, the material culture of the Italian Renaissance continues to fascinate us to this day....

Van Eyck to Memling: Northern Renaissance Art c.1430-1480 (Online)

The work of northern Renaissance artists is often incredibly beautiful, with marvellous colours and textures. But there is much more to their...

Dürer to Bruegel: Northern Renaissance Art c.1480-1580 (Online)

This course explores the riches of northern European art from c.1480 - 1580; artists including Dürer, Bosch, Holbein and Bruegel will be...

Art Nouveau across Europe (Online)

From Paris to Moscow, Glasgow to Barcelona, this course examines the richness and variety of European art nouveau.

Islamic Art and Architecture (Online)

This course is for anyone interested in understanding Islamic art and culture, and examines the relationship between faith and art forms.

Learning to Look at Western Architecture (Online)

This course is designed to enable you to 'read' the architecture of the Western world in a critically informed way.

Western Architecture: The Modern Era (Online)

Beginning with the vital structural innovations of the late Victorian era, this course traces the rise and spread of modernism in European and...

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