18th-century European royalty

Rulers of the forgotten century

Dr Stewart Tolley provides a brief run-down of some of the key rulers from the 18th century.

Dr Stewart Tolley

Stewart Tolley received a BA in Modern History and Politics and an MA in Early Modern History, Literature, and Culture from Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds a PhD in Eighteenth-Century Political History from University College London.

He is currently helping set-up and launch an online historical archive of magazine-style feature articles.

Short course with Stewart Tolley - join online or in Oxford

The eighteenth century was dominated by war and conflict. European powers fought each other all over the world for power and advantage. Our Wars of the Eighteenth Century weekly class will look at the causes, development and consequences of some of the key wars.

Two study options are available. If you're local, you can join us in person, in Oxford. If you're not local or would prefer to take the course online, now you can!

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