Writing for children

'Butterflies writing for caterpillars'

Dr Nicky Browne examines how writing for children differs to writing for adults.

The Guardian: Martin Amis

Read the full 2011 article from The Guardian as referenced by Nicky Browne in the lecture above.

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Do you want to learn how to write for children? Our Writing for Children weekly class will explore the basic linguistic, stylistic and thematic features that characterise good children’s writing. You will consider the core skills needed to write a great book. Through reading, discussion and practical writing exercises you will uncover the secrets of successful writing for young readers (aged eight to twelve.)

Two study options are available. If you're local, you can join us in person, in Oxford. If you're not local or would prefer to take the course online, now you can!

Dr Nicky Browne

Dr Browne has published eight books for young children and nine novels for older children with Bloomsbury. A tenth novel should be out this year. Her work has been nominated for many awards including the Carnegie medal. She has extensive teaching experience and a PhD in Creative Writing.

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