Julia Youngs

DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development


Entrepreneurship as Reparative Development: Global Approaches to Economic Justice for the Climate-Affected

Research abstract

Although rising rates of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere increasingly threaten all life-giving ecosystems the most severe impacts of the climate crisis are not, and will not, be experienced equally. The question of justice and equity for the ‘climate vulnerable’ has long been at the center of academic and policy debates as nations and international actors struggle to reach consensus as to what is owed, who is most affected, and who is to bear the costs.          

My work aims to elucidate the overlap between how adaptive capacity to climate change is being quantified and measured in comparison with how refugee integration is quantified and measured. To further understand this I look to how entrepreneurship is being integrated into climate policy as a reparative development policy and whether this impacts refugee integration and adaptive capacity for climate vulnerable individuals in cities globally. 


Dr. Debbie Hopkins


Julia began her DPhil in Michaelmas Term 2020. Julia previously served as an invited guest faculty for the University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning course "The Architecture of Justice." Julia currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the Acceleration Program Manager for Creative Startups, the accelerator for creative economy entrepreneurs around the world. She is passionate about issues of equity and justice and how they intersect with the built urban environment. 


Creative Startups (2019), Northeast Ohio Creative Economy Asset Analysis.

Creative Startups (2018). Grant County Makerspace + Feasibility Study.  

Research interests

Migration, climate change, transitonal justice, refugees and displacement, memorials and monuments, climate justice.