Sally Taylor

DPhil in Archaeology


Production, movement and discard of Cumbrian and Welsh Neolithic stone axes

Research abstract

Neolithic stone axes from remote north-western uplands were transported great distances across the British Isles, with concentrations found along the eastern coast and southern river valleys. Finely polished examples were left in numerous significant locations - placed with care in enclosures, henges, earthworks, burials and watery contexts. This research links the physical and visual qualities of the source landscapes with data on treatment, curation and deposition of axes, to formulate inferences on Neolithic societies and beliefs.


Dr David Griffiths

Director of Studies in Archaeology and Course Director for the  PG Cert Archaeology, MSc Applied Landscape Archaeology and part-time DPhil in Archaeology.

Dr Olaf Bayer

Research Associate and D.Phil Supervisor in Landscape Archaeology. Archaeological Investigator at Historic England.



I started a part-time DPhil in Archaeology in Michaelmas 2016, having previously completed the MSc in Applied Landscape Archaeology at Oxford and a Graduate Diploma at UCL. I have been awarded a Clarendon scholarship.

Since 2012 I have also worked for the Museum of Liverpool Archaeology Unit, firstly as a volunteer and more recently as an employee. It's often cold and dirty work, but the fresh air is a great contrast to sitting in the library.

Previously I have worked in marketing, opened a bar in Spain, run the education service at two prisons and started a social enterprise that recruits unemployed people and qualifies them as teachers.