Ranin Soliman

DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care


Generating Evidence to improve childhood cancer health outcomes and resource use for children with cancer in Egypt

Research abstract

There is a need to better target resources to improve care and outcomes based on evidence for children with cancer in Egypt. However, there is paucity of data about childhood cancer health outcomes and resource use in Egypt, and an identified gap in published evidence. My DPhil research work shall generate evidence about childhood cancer health outcomes and resource use (costs) in Egypt, and help make informed decisions to improve care and outcomes based on evidence. I will use real-world data from the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 – Egypt (CCHE) –which treats 40-50% of all children with cancer across Egypt– to generate evidence from local context. The first stage includes generating the evidence-base and identifying priority area(s) from local context in Egypt, by studying trends in survival outcomes and resource use of children with cancer over time and determine which cancer type(s) show the highest need for improvement. Then, with a focus on this specific childhood cancer(s), generate evidence from hybrid research designs to determine what contributes to (predictors) of inferior outcomes and high resource use; systematic evidence from literature; real-world evidence; and experts’ opinions. After that, combine the generated evidence and incorporate the significant predictors of outcomes and resource use into a statistical decision (predictive) model that can be used as a tool to help make informed decisions based on evidence.


Professor Carl Heneghan https://www.phc.ox.ac.uk/team/carl-heneghan

Dr. Jason Oke https://www.phc.ox.ac.uk/team/jason-oke



Ranin Soliman started her DPhil in EBHC in Fall 2017. Ranin is a clinical epidemiologist and researcher in childhood cancer at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE). She is also the head of the Health Economics and Value unit at CCHE. Ranin has extensive professional and research experience in clinical research, health economics, health informatics, healthcare quality, and is developing her skills in evidence-based healthcare. Ranin completed her Master’s degree in Health Informatics from Walden University US, in 2015. She is also a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). Currently, Ranin focuses her research on generating high-quality evidence to improve childhood cancer health outcomes and resource use in Egypt.

Papers and lectures

Conference paper – Childhood cancer health outcomes in Egypt: ten-year real-world evidence from children’s cancer hospital 57357 – Egypt (CCHE) and comparison with results from England. EBM Live 2019.

Conference paper – Barriers and facilitators to using real-world data in healthcare settings in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review of qualitative studies. EBM Live 2019.

Conference paper – Using Evidence to Improve Childhood Cancer Health Outcomes and Resource Use in Egypt; Reflections from Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt–CCHE. SIOP Africa 2019.

Research interests

Clinical epidemiology, childhood cancers, real-world evidence, knowledge translation, predictive analytics, value-based care, cost analysis and resource-use, health economics.