Congratulations to Professor Tara Stubbs and Professor Sandie Byrne

Two members of our academic staff, Sandie Byrne and Tara Stubbs, have been conferred the title of full Professor in the University of Oxford’s most recent Recognition of Distinction scheme. Both fellows of Kellogg College, Sandie and Tara are the Department’s first female Professors in its 145-year history.

We are very proud to be the first women Professors at OUDCE, and I am sure there will be many more: we have such wonderful women colleagues. Professor Tara Stubbs and Professor Sandie Byrne

Now Professor of English, Dr Sandie Byrne is also the Director of Graduate Studies for taught courses, and Co-Director of the Undergraduate Certificate in English Literature and the MSt in Literature and Arts at the Department. She has taught at day events, weekly classes, summer schools, the Certificate in English Literature, the Diploma in Creative Writing, and the MSt in Literature and Arts.

Dr Tara Stubbs is now Professor of Modern and Contemporary Literature and first came to the Department from St. Peter’s College, Oxford. She teaches the Introduction to Literary Studies and Modernist Literature for the Certificate in English Literature and gives weekly classes on Irish and American literature and poetry. She alternates the role of Director of Studies in English Literature and Creative Writing with Professor Sandie Byrne. Tara has commented that she is ‘delighted to have been awarded this distinction at the same time as my colleague and friend.’

Department Director Professor Matthew Weait has called the conferment a ‘wonderful and well-deserved achievement.’

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Published 14 September 2023