New book celebrates Sir George Gilbert Scott

Sir George Gilbert Scott was the leading figure of the Gothic Revival in England, with a prodigious output which changed the architectural face of England, and with an influence felt throughout the British Empire. The volume provides a timely appreciation of Scott's work, with essays covering his state and secular buildings as well as his celebrated work on cathedrals and churches.

A new book, Sir George Gilbert Scott 1811 - 1878, is the third title in the Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment series, published by Shaun Tyas for the Department for Continuing Education and is a milestone collection of essays reviewing the life and achievement of the great Victorian architect Sir George Gilbert Scott.

This new book is the proceedings of a conference held at Rewley House in 2011, two hundred years after Scott's birth. The two other titles in the series are The Medieval Great House and Country House Technology.All three titles are available from publisher Shaun Tyas, whose contact details are given below.

Edited by Dr Paul Barnwell (the Department's Director of Studies in the Historic Environment), Geoffrey Tyack and William Whyte, Sir George Gilbert Scott 1811 - 1878 is available in hardback (cloth-bound with a colour dust wrapper) with handsome illustrations, 256 pages, including the index and bibliography. The book is published at the retail price of £40.

Table of Contents

Foreword, vii;
1. 'Sir Gilbert Scott: Eminent Victorian', by Gavin Stamp (1 - 21);
2. 'Scenes from Clerical Life: the Young Scott', by ChrisMiele (22 - 48);
3. 'Scott as London Church Builder', by Geoff Brandwood (49 - 69);
4. 'Scott and the Wider World: the Colonial Cathedrals, 1846 - 74', by G. A. Bremner (70 - 90);
5. 'Scott and the Restoration of Major Churches', by Claudia Marx (91 - 111);
6. 'Scott in Oxford', by Geofffrey Tyack (112 - 133);
7. 'Scott and Cambridge', by Simon Bradley (134 - 157);
8. 'The Country Houses of Sir Gilbert Scott', by Peter Howell (158 - 171);
9. 'George Gilbert Scott: State Architect?', by M. H. Port (172 - 192);
10. 'From Paper to Stone: George Gilbert Scott's Design Process at the University of Glasgow', by Kimberley Frost (193 - 212);
11. 'Scott's Office and its Influence', byWilliamWhyte (213 - 229);
12. 'Scott Two Hundred Years On' by Geoffrey Tyack and William Whyte (230 - 237);
Further Reading (238 - 239);
Index (240 - 248).

Copies may be ordered from the publisher post-free within the UK, or through any bookseller. Please download an order form, or contact the publisher, Shaun Tyas: 1 High Street Donington, Lincolnshire, PE11 4TA telephone 01775 821542 email:

Published 17 February 2015