Six-figure sale for alumna Stephanie Scott’s debut novel

Master’s in Creative Writing alumna Stephanie Scott’s debut novel, What’s Left Of Me Is Yours, has sold for six figures in USA and Canada, U.K and Commonwealth, France and Spain, with other translation rights deals currently being negotiated. The novel will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson (U.K. & Commonwealth) and by Doubleday (USA & Canada) in Spring 2020.

Within the Tokyo underworld there is an industry which exists to break up marriages. It is known today as wakaresaseya. This business is composed of agents who, for a fee, can be hired by one spouse to seduce the other and provide grounds for divorce on favourable terms. What’s Left Of Me Is Yours tells the story of Kaitarō Nakamura, a wakaresaseya agent, who is hired by a man to seduce his wife, Rina. But then Rina and Kaitarō fall in love. So why, at the beginning of the story, is Kaitarō in prison, accused of Rina’s murder? Now, twenty years later, Rina’s daughter Sumiko decides to find out what really happened...

Stephanie Scott was awarded a Distinction for her MSt in Creative Writing, as well as a BAJS Toshiba Studentship for her anthropological work on Japan. She has won the AM Heath Prize, the Arvon Jerwood Prize for Literature and the National Centre for Writing Inspires Award. Stephanie was also runner-up for 2017’s Bridport First Novel Award for an early draft of What’s Left Of Me Is Yours - which at the time was known under the working title of The Sentence

W&N Publisher, Kirsty Dunseath, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Stephanie's agent Antony Harwood, with publication set for Spring 2020.  A six-figure deal for US rights has been signed with Doubleday, French rights have been acquired by J.C. Lattes and other translation rights deals are currently being negotiated.

Kirsty Dunseath said: ‘This is a beautiful, touching love story as well as an exploration of human frailty and the tensions between family duty and personal freedom. Stephanie’s writing is exquisite and this story unfurls in unexpected ways as Sumiko tries to make sense of her mother’s past. We are absolutely delighted to welcome Stephanie to W&N!’

Stephanie Scott said: “I am very excited to be working with Kirsty and her team at W&N, their passion and enthusiasm for The Sentence is wonderful and I am so pleased that my novel has found such a perfect home.”

Stephanie’s agent Antony Harwood said: “It’s a joy to see a brilliant author find a brilliant publisher.”

Published 20 June 2018