Dr Alistair Beecher

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Departmental Lecturer

Co-Director of the Graduate School


Alistair Beecher is a part-time Departmental Lecturer and Co-Director of the Graduate School. After retiring from a 30 year career as a chartered accountant, Alistair was a student in the Department from 2010 to 2017 studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Studies, an MSc in English Local History and a DPhil in English Local History. Following completion he joined the part-time tutor panel and became a Departmental Lecturer in November 2019. His role is primarily now focused on the Graduate School and the design and delivery of a broad skills and development training programme for all the Department’s postgraduate students, but he is also a tutor in history. Alistair’s undergraduate degree was in Accounting and Statistics from the University of Southampton and he is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Alistair contributes to a broad range of history programmes offered by the department including weekly classes, day schools, open days, the Foundation Certificate in History, the Diploma in Local and Social History, the Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Studies and the MSt in Historical Studies. He also convenes the Doctoral Research Seminars which are held each term.

Research interests

Alistair’s research interests are in religious and social history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.