Dr Piers Worth

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Lifelong Learning ​Visiting Fellow Michaelmas Term 2023


I joined academia later in life after decades in organisational consulting. I've designed and led modules and courses from UG Certificate through to Doctoral level and have supervised and mentored over 20 doctoral students.

It has been moving and thrilling to find the most exciting work of my life at this point in my career and in the collaboration with people I admire, love working with and am changed by.

I developed and launched two Masters programmes – Applied Positive Psychology and Mental Health and Well-being in Education – that attract students internationally. The effect of course design and pedagogic style on students is one of the most moving and exciting things I have experienced.


My doctoral work explored how creativity changes as we age, and offered insights on how individuals seek change to their work at different times in the lifespan, which in turn influences what they need to learn. This has had an enduring impact on my teaching and mentoring work.

My working style is collaborative and seeks to explore, learn and build on the best in any context. I look forward to learning from you and with you.