Charlotte Phillips

Student spotlight details

Charlotte, part-time PhD student and former midwife, was looking for a course to help develop her skills and aid her transition to research in the field of health and social care. Two of our Graduate School training courses were exactly what she was looking for.

'Prior to studying on courses at the Department, I was a part-time PhD student juggling study and work. I held some transferrable skills from my previous work as a midwife and educator and was looking for a course that would help me to harness and develop these skills to support my transition to research in the field of health and social care. 

'When I first found the mixing it up and secret life of research interviewing short courses I was thrilled to see that they were exactly what I was looking for. The course content is so thoughtfully designed and as a student I could really tell that the courses are underpinned by student’s real-world needs. The courses are challenging and encouraged me to really push the limits of my knowledge, but as they were so engaging and brilliantly designed, they led me on a learning journey that I enjoyed and engaged with from beginning to end. 

'These courses are without doubt the most valuable professional development (CPD) I have undertaken, as they have equipped me not only with the practical skills and understanding, but with a new perspective on research design and conduct that has shaped the way I engage with research activities. I particularly enjoyed peer learning opportunities that the courses offer; having the opportunity to listen to the research journeys of others and to work collaboratively on practical tasks was invaluable experience. 

'Studying these courses has benefited my work and study immeasurably and I would highly recommend them to any potential student wanting to develop their knowledge and skills.'

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