Dr Ernest Chiodo

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Ernest Chiodo, internal medicine and public health physician, attorney, toxicologist and biomedical engineer, decided to take our part-time MSc in Experimental and Translation Therapeutics as it allowed him to maintain his professional practice while improving his expertise.

'I took a prior medically-related MSc through the University of Oxford and found the degree programme to be interesting and convenient. I decided to take the Experimental and Translational Therapeutics (ETT) master's degree to improve my medical, legal, toxicology and biomedical engineering expertise.

'The course is well taught and informative and presented by well-informed and friendly faculty. The course format is convenient for working professionals.

'Do not be intimidated by Oxford. Use the resources provided by the University, including faculty and fellow students, to enhance your studies. Studying at Oxford is truly a life-changing experience.

'As an internal medicine and public health physician, attorney, toxicologist and biomedical engineer, I have a strong interest in drug, vaccine and medical device development. I gained significant knowledge of how pharmaceutics, vaccines and medical devices are developed and received regulatory approval. I also gained significant medical knowledge which has improved my expertise as a physician.

'It was very important that I studied Experimental and Translational Therapeutics in the Department for Continuing Education. If the degree programme had not been part-time I could not have taken the course since I cannot leave my professional practice to be a full-time student.

'It was a richly rewarding life experience having studied at the University of Oxford. The ETT programme was excellent. I am extremely glad to have taken the course of study and highly recommend the ETT programme.'

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