Moses Mulimira

Student spotlight details

Moses is a mental health worker and completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research prior to doctoral research.

'I am a mental health worker with my local trust (East London NHS Trust). In 2014, I became interested in quality improvement projects within the trust and also had a desire to start a doctoral level programme in global health. 

At that time there was no formal research pathway, and so I reviewed the available courses and decided the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research at the Oxford University Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine was the most relevant place to meet my research needs.

Whilst studying, I still had some clinical commitments; however I enjoyed all the modules of the Health research course. The flexibility of the course and support from the lecturers and peers was helpful in ensuring that I completed the course successfully.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity of spending a week in Oxford as part of my learning. This allowed for face to face meetings with peers and staff and also the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Oxford as a community.

I enjoyed the style of learning which included using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as well as face to face teaching, all which were designed to help you complete the course successfully.

On the back of completing this course I developed a global health collaboration with Makerere University in Uganda, where we developed a Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, to support research training of students in resource limited settings (read more about the centre).

Also as a result of the course I have now started a PhD aimed at improving experiences of mental health care in Uganda. I have also taken on a global health consultant role.'

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