Pauline Moorkens

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With a background in law and a passion for art history, current student Pauline has embarked on our Diploma in the History of Art. Upon completing the course, she plans to further explore the intersection between law and art.

'Before embarking on the Diploma in the History of Art, I spent five years immersing myself in the field of law, which led me to complete my LLM (Master of Laws) in Art Law. While the legal realm had provided me with a robust foundation, my passion for the arts beckoned me to delve deeper into the world of art history. The decision to enrol on this course was sparked by a desire to broaden my horizons and fuse my legal expertise with an understanding of artistic evolution.

'The inspiration to pursue this course was two-fold. On the one hand, I wanted to complement my art law background with a comprehensive grasp of art history, and a unique interdisciplinary perspective. On the other, the part-time nature of the Diploma allowed me the flexibility to pursue my internships and undertake the UK law conversion course at the same time.

'The course posed its challenges and demanded a lot of hard work. However, it was the in-depth modules, coupled with the excellent teaching, that not only enriched my understanding of art history but also honed my analytical and critical thinking skills.

'Amid the challenges, the most rewarding aspects of the course were the opportunities it presented for my personal and professional growth. I proudly contributed to the esteemed Queen Mary Law Journal, showcasing the synergy between my legal and art historical knowledge. Additionally, I had the privilege of sharing my insights through opinion columns for the Oxford Blue, which allowed me to refine my communication skills and establish myself as a freelance writer.

'As I approach the last two terms of the course, my journey as a writer, jurist and student has been significantly enhanced by the insights I've gained at Oxford. I continue to thrive in the field of arts and culture, contributing my perspectives to various online platforms. Looking ahead, my plans involve further exploration of the intersection between law and art, and I plan to delve into wealth management and contribute meaningfully to this field.

'To anyone considering the Diploma, I wholeheartedly endorse the experience. The course not only equips you with a profound understanding of art history but also fosters an environment that encourages interdisciplinary exploration. The skills acquired and the networks established have been invaluable to me, and will undoubtedly shape my future career combining art history and law.'

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