Preman Singh

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Preman is a practising physician who progressed onto his DPhil at Oxford, having previously completed the MSc in Experimental and Translational Therapeutics.

'Before the MSc Course I was (and still am) a practicing physician in the fields of molecular genetics and internal medicine in Minnesota, in the United States.

'The initial attraction to the course was the opportunity to study at and obtain a post-graduate degree from the top-ranked and arguably the greatest University in the world, under the direction of world-leading scientists in their fields (like Professor Len Seymour, Dr. Elaine Johnstone, Dr. Michael Theodorakis, Professor Rachel Kerr, Professor Paul Brennan, and Dr. Grant Vallance). Once on the course however, the excellence of every aspect of the programme continually reinforced the fact that pursuing this MSc was a wonderful decision.  

'I personally did not encounter any significant challenges, and found that the entire design, layout, and delivery of the course made it extremely easy to navigate and was conducive to thriving academically. The tutors were always extremely helpful in clarifying any unfamiliar subject matter.

'The most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of the programme was the subject matter itself sparkled with intellectual and human interest, and our Professors and Tutors were warm, friendly, and engaging. Learning about cutting-edge therapeutic approaches like oncolytic viruses, pharmacogenomics, and target-driven, intelligent drug design from pioneering scientists was ample reward in itself.

'I am now back to practising medicine however the course was so inspirational that I am embarking on a DPhil in a related field at Oxford, with the aim of expanding my career to combine medical pratice with biomedical research.

'A Continuing Education course, far from being a daunting prospect, is quite on the contrary, fun, stimulating, and rewarding. The way to get the most out of it is to embrace it as an adventure, understanding that while you might be an expert in your field, you will encounter others who are experts in theirs. The open, friendly exchange of ideas in a warm, welcoming forum makes for friendships and professional relationships you will keep and cherish long after your time at Oxford.'

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