Rezia Begum

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Thanks to the skills and knowledge gained after completing two of our Graduate School training courses, Rezia was able to scope out and plan future research projects.

'Prior to undertaking these courses, I completed various programmes over the years which had interested me. I completed my BA Hons and Msc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Nottingham University and my dissertation was based on domestic violences against women in Leicestershire. I also completed an undergraduate programme in Local History at Cambridge University and my dissertation was published in the Journal of Criminology.

'In 2015 I enrolled on the Department's Mixing it up: understanding and using mixed method research in social sciences online course and in 2023 I completed The secret life of research interviewing. In between these courses I also independently did some research at Loughborough University, 'The experience and treatment of women in prisons as victims of domestic violence', and this was published in the Howard League for Penal Reform (CAN Bulletin Issue 41 June 2021).

'Conducting research has always interested me and is something I am passionate about. I wanted to develop my own personal knowledge and skillset in this area. These courses were ideal for me. The distance learning element fitted in with my work/life balance as well as giving me the space to balance out my personal commitments. With everything being web-based I found it a challenge (but a good one!) to quickly pick up the new techniques and approach, particularly to that of analysing data.

'I enjoyed the discussions and debate in the online classrooms, it was brilliant to have like-minded individuals on the call, and know that there would be a recording for me of each class as a reference point to refer back too. I was able to interact with the tutor and other students with ease and the overall atmosphere was relaxed with opportunities to speak and be heard which I found refreshing.

'These courses have certainly made my interest in this field grow and increased my hunger to study this field more. The skills and knowledge I have gained has already helped me scope out and plan my own research projects I would like to conduct. In this field I would like to further my research on domestic violence against women in the East Midlands area, and also look into further courses in this field of study.

'If you have an interest in looking at research methods comparatively and equipping yourself with tools and techniques to help you conduct research, then these courses are for you! Be prepared to work hard, scour the additional resources available (don’t just depend on lecture notes) and broaden your own horizon! The teaching approach is great and user-friendly, with a well-planned structure and support network at your fingertips.'

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