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Sarah Doherty

Dr Sarah K. Doherty's principal research interests have focused on the Nile Valley examining the ceramics of settlements, the development of ancient technology, pottery manufacture, historic buildings and architecture, experimental reconstructions of ancient craft and the lives of non-elites. She is particularly noted for her work on the potter's wheel, and its adoption and use in Egypt and Sudan, which was part of her Masters at University College London (2009) and her PhD thesis at Cardiff University (2013). This was published as The Origins and Use of the Potter's Wheel in Ancient Egypt with Archaeopress in 2015, with various more recent articles.

Dr Doherty is currently part of the archaeological fieldwork teams at the Houses and Workshop M50.14-16 at Tell el Amarna (Egypt Exploration Society with Dr Anna Hodgkinson) and the ancient sandstone quarries of Gebel el Silsila near Kom Ombo in Egypt (Lund University with Dr Maria Nilsson), where she leads the ceramic analysis. She has contributed to many other excavations in Egypt and Europe (Amara West in Sudan, Heit el Gurob in the Faiyum, and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt). She also acts as a lecturer at the Egypt Exploration Society and the Bloomsbury Summer School. 

When not teaching courses on ancient Egypt or digging in Egypt, she works as Professional Archaeologist for Chronicle Heritage/PaleoWest in Saudi Arabia. There, Dr Doherty works in the beautiful oasis town and county of AlUla where she surveys and assesses archaeological sites as part of planning applications and writes specialist reports known as Heritage Impact Assessments.