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Javier de Pablos

Javier de Pablos has been supporting ESA Member States Industry for the development of novel concepts, technologies and evolution of products and systems in the Satellite Communications domain for more than seven years, in the Connectivity and Secure Communications (CSC) directorate at ESA.
Javier de Pablos has worked in the research and development of satellite solutions since the start of his career. His work focuses on the digital transformation of the satellite ground segment area, in particular, the evolution of satellite management and control, the transition of legacy hardware components to software-based solutions (e.g. Digital IF ecosystem), and the use of new techniques for the orchestration and automation of satellite operations (e.g. Artificial Intelligence).
Javier de Pablos previously held various positions in Industry (GMV, Avanti Communications, Indra). He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and also holds an MSc and an MBA.