Tutor information

Kajal Singh

Senior Data Scientist

Kajal is a Senior Data Scientist/Engineer working with Data ETL pipelines and AI projects for a large Sports-tech company.

She is a co-author of the book Applying Reinforcement Learning on Real-World Data with Practical Examples in Python.

In her professional journey, she has worked on use cases like anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, classification, transactional AI assistants, complex big data processing, data analytics, document digitisation, ETL pipelining etc. 

Kajal also has been a part of multiple hackathons conducted within and across IT industries.

She is also awarded with Amazon Pride Card for her research contribution to “Women In AI” project of IIIT, Bangalore.

Kajal has won special recognition for her project 'Transactional AI assistant', and has also been honoured as 'Master Hacker' in Makeathon at a regional level in India.

Kajal has also led a non-commercial research project with a German company on pricing optimization using Reinforcement Learning (RL).