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Alejandro Reig

Alejandro Reig (DPhil, MPhil in Social Anthropology: Oxford 2014, 2006; Philosophy BA Universidad Central de Venezuela 1989) is a researcher, teacher, consultant and applied researcher focused on Society-Environment interactions, from the perspectives of Social and Environmental Anthropology. He is currently a Research Affiliate at the School of Anthropology of the University of Oxford, where he has taught anthropological methods courses; and a Research Associate at CAICET, a tropical medicine institution of the Venezuelan Amazon.

His research interests include Spatial Anthropology, the Anthropology of Health, Development and Environmental Humanities, Human mobility, and the Anthropology of Lowland South America. He has recently co-authored with Roger Norum Migrantes, (Ediciones Ekaré, Barcelona, 2019) a book on global migrations for a wide audience.