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John Alexander

LLM Strategy Consultant and AI Developer

John Alexander is a highly experienced and accomplished professional with a diverse background in technology, strategy consulting, and education. He has a passion for designing and building accessible experiences using machine learning coupled with vision, voice, touch, and virtual/mixed reality. Currently, he serves as an LLM Strategy Consultant and AI Developer, where he focuses on implementing LLM strategies and experimenting with cutting-edge tools like LangChain and Pinecone. Additionally, John is a Tutor at the University of Oxford, where he lectures on Artificial Intelligence applications and Cloud and Edge Implementations.

Prior to his current roles, John spent several years at Microsoft, where he held various positions including Lead Developer and Engineer Relations, Autonomous Systems, and Lead Content Developer on ML.Net. John participated in the Xbox Accessible Controller beta and the launch video. He was on the award-winning Hackathon 2020 Elev8: Accessible Guitar Team. These are two of his proudest accomplishments. His expertise also extends to content development and instruction, as he has developed Coursera courses and Learn modules on Autonomous Systems in collaboration with prestigious institutions like the University of Washington and the University of Oxford.

Before joining Microsoft, John was the co-founder of a digital agency and consultancy and had the honor of being a Microsoft Regional Director for 19 years, where he participated in scheduled strategic feedback sessions with Microsoft senior leadership teams. John co-founded the largest technical blogging community in the world, Geekswithblogs.Net, before selling it several years ago. He’s co-authored three best-selling technical books and Microsoft Official Curriculum. John has a proven track record in high-profile international public speaking and presentations in front of some of the most demanding audiences, both executive and technical.

He’s coached several teams of developers, leading one directly responsible for earning their organization a place on CIO Magazine’s “Agile 100” list. John also built music chart applications for Billboard Magazine used by "American Top 40” and architected a highly scalable Mutual Funds Trading SOA-based platform used non-stop the last 21 years to process billions of dollars in transactions. In his spare time, he's sat in Kirk's Chair on the bridge, recorded cartoon pilots as part of a voice ensemble cast, is the co-creator of the "Geek" t-shirt (found at most Microsoft conferences), and was Facebook friends with Patrick Swayze.