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Emma Davis

Dr Emma Davis is an infectious disease epidemiologist and mathematical modeller, with a particular interest in the low prevalence dynamics that occur around the emergence of new outbreaks and the elimination of transmission.

She trained as a mathematician, with a PhD in mathematical modelling of neglected tropical diseases from the University of Warwick. Her work with the Neglected Tropical Disease Modelling Consortium and the JUNIPER Consortium has interfaced with global and UK health policy, including involvement with SPI-M (the modelling subgroup of UK policy advisory group SAGE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. She received a Rapid Assistive Modelling for the Pandemic Early Career Investigator Award from the Royal Society for her modelling work around COVID-19 contact tracing and isolation adherence.

She has experience teaching and mentoring both undergraduate and postgraduate students in mathematics, data science, infectious disease modelling and biomedical sciences. Aside from formal teaching, she is passionate about outreach, winning 1st place at the Smith Institute Take AIM Awards for articulating the impact of mathematics in 2018 and is the recipient of a Royal Society Outreach Innovation Award for developing popular science YouTube channel EpiWithEmma.