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Barnaby Osborne

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Barnaby Osborne is the small satellite technology coordinator in the directorate of Connectivity and Secure Communications at the European Space Agency. In this role he actively supports ESA member state industry in the development of new technologies, products and systems that enable future small communications satellite missions. Prior to joining ESA he was an Associate Professor at ISU teaching Satellite Applications, as well as an Associate Professor and Thales chair of small satellite platforms at Supaero in Toulouse. He has held other academic roles in Universities in the UK and in Australia, always in the area of space systems engineering.

Barnaby has a BEng degree in Mechanical and Space Engineering, and a PhD in Microgravity Physics, both from the University of Queensland.  His research and professional interests include small satellites, space systems engineering, newspace approaches and microgravity experimentation. Barnaby has authored numerous publications in international peer reviewed journals.