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Andrea Cardellicchio

In Telespazio, Andrea is currently Vice President of Commercial Development in the Satellite Systems and Operations Line of Business. He is responsible for Business Development and Sales of space mission ground segment and operations towards the commercial space sector. He also focuses on development of new missions during study and de-risking phases for innovative domains such as Space Exploration, In Orbit Services and Secure Communications. Moreover, he is in charge of the transnational Space Domain Awareness Integrated Project Team. From 2014 to 2016, Andrea was based in Washington and responsible for International Sales of teleport and hosting services within Telespazio North America subsidiary. Previously, he has worked in the Marketing and International Business Development division of Telespazio. He holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pisa and a master in Global Strategy and Security from the University of Turin and Centre for Higher Defence Studies (CASD).