Istvan Novak

Senior Principal Engineer

Istvan is the Senior Principal Engineer at Oracle working on new advanced power distribution design and validation methodologies. For eleven years prior to this Dr. Novak was responsible for the power distribution and high-speed signal integrity designs of SUN's successful workgroup server families. He introduced the industry's first 25um power-ground laminates for large rigid computer boards, and worked with component vendors to create a series of low-inductance and controlled-ESR bypass capacitors.

Dr. Novak also served as SUN's representative on the Copper Cable and Connector Workgroup of InfiniBand, and is engaged in the methodologies, designs and characterization of power-distribution networks and CPU packages. He has thirty years of experience with high-speed digital, RF, and analog circuit and system design and has twenty five patents.

He is Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the signal-integrity and RF measurement as well as simulation methodologies, lead author of the book "Frequency-Domain Characterization of Power Distribution Networks" (Artech House, 2007) and Executive Editor of the book "Power Distribution Design Methodologies" (IEC, 2008).

For additional insight into Dr Novak, please read the EDN Network's Profile in Design.

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