Tutor information

Larry Campbell

Partner, KPMG China

Larry works in KPMG's China partnership based in Hong Kong. He runs business development with KPMG's biggest bank clients and is also responsible for articulating the firm's financial services sector strategy in close collaboration with the firm's senior partners.

Larry has more than 25 years experience in media, communications, knowledge management and information technology. He founded Manage With Knowledge, his own knowledge management consultancy, in 2015 after a successful 14-year career with global bank HSBC where he most recently was Group Chief Knowledge Officer.

Larry was the founding editor of the South China Morning Post's Technology Post section in the early 1990s and foresaw the impending commercial success of the Internet and World-Wide Web early in his career. He became an independent digital publisher and dot.com entrepreneur in the mid 1990s.

He joined HSBC in 2001 to develop and market the bank's first foreign exchange trading platform and spent his career there developing a variety of ground-breaking internal businesses and driving innovation through knowledge management.

He is passionate about the use of innovative knowledge management and publishing solutions to support targeted, customised learning and development among both adults and children.

Larry has a Masters Degree in Strategic Knowledge Management, specialising in work-based learning.